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The Aikenhead Honours

Three gentlemen spies; bound by duty, undone by women!

The Aikenhead Honours trilogy introduces three of England's most eligible bachelors: Dominic, Leo and Jack, code-named Ace, King and Knave. Together they make up the Aikenhead Honours, a ring of government-sponsored spies who risk their lives, and their hearts, to keep Regency England safe.

Follow these three brothers in a dazzling journey through Europe and beyond, as they serve their country, and meet their brides, in often very surprising places.

Meet the 'Ace', Dominic Aikenhead, Duke of Calder, in His Cavalry Lady, already available in the UK and published in the USA/Canada in March 2009.

Meet the 'King', and renowned rake, Lord Leo Aikenhead in His Reluctant Mistress. [USA/Canada April 2009; UK June 2009]

Then meet the 'Knave', and incorrigible playboy, Lord Jack Aikenhead in His Forbidden Liaison. [USA/Canada May 2009; UK September 2009]

You'll find more about these three books, plus extracts from all of them, on my books page.

And for those who are really hooked on the Aikenhead Honours, a fourth story — His Silken Seduction — featuring Lord Jack’s fellow spy, Ben Dexter, will be available as an e-book in the Harlequin Undone! series, in July 2009.

Joanna Maitland Title List

I’ve been asked for a simple list of my stories showing which ones are linked, or are a series, since it’s not always obvious from the titles and covers. You’ll find the list here. There are links to extracts from all of them on my books page.

Joanna Maitland Stories in the Regency Lords & Ladies Collection

For readers in the UK, four of my earlier books have now been reissued in volumes of the Regency Lords & Ladies Collection published by Mills & Boon®. These volumes are widely available for anyone who missed them the first time round. A Poor Relation is in Volume 5. A Penniless Prospect, the first Hardinge/Stratton story, is in Volume 13. Marrying the Major, the second Hardinge/Stratton story, is in Volume 14, and Rake's Reward, the final Hardinge/Stratton story, is in Volume 28.

The covers are gorgeous, as you can see below. Even the National Trust is selling them!

A Poor Relation

Volume 5

A Poor Relation

A Penniless Prospect

Volume 13

A Penniless Prospect

Marrying the Major

Volume 14

Marrying  the Major

Rake's Reward

Volume 28

Rake's Reward

Maybe you’re not sure whether you’ve read these stories or not? Check them out on my books page where you’ll also find links to extracts from all of them.

Regency/Georgian blog

For readers who love the Georgian and Regency periods, check out the blog of UK-based historical authors at where you’ll find information on all the latest books. You'll also be able to read book extracts and snippets of fascinating information about our periods, as well as information about the writers themselves. I usually blog there at least once a month. Why not take a look? If there are particular things you’re interested in, leave a comment on the blog, or email me.

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