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Organisations and Publishers


Mills & Boon (UK)

Historical Novel Society
Non-members can sign up for their free email newsletter.

RNA (Romantic Novelists' Association)
For published and aspiring writers. UK-based but overseas members welcome. Runs fantastic New Writers' Scheme for unpublished writers. Also runs Romantic Novel of the Year Award and Love Story of the Year Award.

RWA (Romance Writers of America)
US-based but overseas members welcome.

Society of Authors
UK-based and for published authors only.

Some Useful History Sites

BBC History
BBC website with huge amount of historical information.

Channel4 History
UK Channel4 website. Particularly good on history related to Channel4 programmes.

How much is that worth today?
Want to know the modern value of Kit's gaming losses in Marrying the Major? This site will tell you.

The Nonesuch Regency Site
Regency website with lots of fascinating information.

UK Primary Documents
Portal to primary documents for UK history from antiquity to the present day

Some Historical Authors' Sites

Louise Allen (Historical Romance)

Elizabeth Bailey (Historical Romance)

Elizabeth Chadwick (Mainstream medieval historicals)

Nicola Cornick (Historical Romance)

Lindsey Davis (The Falco books in 1st century Rome)

Anne Gracie (Historical Romance)

Mary Nichols (Historical Romance)

Claire Thornton (Historical Romance)

Other Romance Sites

Harlequin Presents/M&B Modern authors' site

Harlequin Romance/M&B Tender authors' site

Comprehensive web site for writers and readers of category romance..

Romance Junkies
Great website for those who really love romance, both historical and contemporary

UK Regency Authors' blog
Full of interesting titbits from your favourite UK romance authors and guest bloggers too

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